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About Internal Family Systems

A method for getting to know, love, heal, integrate, and make the most of every part of who you are


The purpose of 1:1 guidance is to empower you to discover, love, heal, integrate, and self-actualize every part of who you are. As your guide, I help you access your own inner wisdom, facilitate the process of your own inner work, and mentor you towards being able to use IFS independently as a life skill. 

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Good Candidates for This Program...

Are curious and introspective spiritual seekers eager to expand their consciousness, discover who they are, and become more integrated human beings

Listen to the Inner Work Talks podcast and/or have completed course(s) offered by The Inner Work Hub (recommended)

Are committed to learning to live from the conscious core self that resides within them

Embrace inner complexity and paradox, and are interested in learning to integrate the multi-faceted sides of their personality

Desire to befriend, love, and heal their inner child and the shadow parts of themselves

Want to be mentored towards using IFS as a lifestyle independently

The Details

The 1:1 Inner Work Guidance program consists of 12 individualized sessions catered to you and your needs. You can use the time to ask Emma to guide your inner journey. ask questions, receive guidance on how to work independently, or learn new skills. 


The investment is $2497 for 12 65-minute sessions, conducted weekly or every-other-week (your choice.) Access to Inner Work 101 and a 20-minute consult call is included in the fee. Payment plans are available upon request. If you have already purchased Inner Work 101, you will receive a discount equivalent to what you paid for the course.

This program can be thought of as a coaching program, and is not considered a therapeutic relationship. Those wishing to pursue IFS as a path of therapy for mental health concerns, rather than a path of personal and spiritual growth and transformation, are encouraged to find a therapist in their local area using this site


The first step towards embarking on this path is to fill out the application below. Emma will then review appropriateness of fit and get back to you. 

1:1 Inner Work Guidance Application Form

Thanks for submitting! I will get back to you soon.

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“This review is for my experience with “Inner Harmony”, a six-week course in IFS, as well as a private IFS session with Emma: Firstly, it seems to me that Emma clearly shares her practice from a place of personal results and healing. The tools and concepts that she shares are shared with an intimate understanding that tells me that she utilizes them regularly. Maybe more importantly, this tells me that she believes fully in what she is sharing.


Secondly, IFS as a practice seems to me to hold infinite healing/therapeutic potential. The framework that IFS provides to explore the mind is simple to navigate and, if one is willing, powerful to behold. I enjoy seeing the world through the lens of IFS on occasion.


Lastly, with the help of Emma, I am successfully navigating these challenging times of Covid-19. In this time, I have experienced doubts and fears and anxieties. Emma, through the lens of IFS, has assisted my process of healing some of the roots of these emotions so that I may live life with more clarity. Thank you, Emma.”

-Samuel Wyant

Introduction to Internal Family Systems

Internal Family Systems, also known as "Parts Work," is a method for getting to know, love, integrate, and make the most of every part of who we are. 


It does this by tapping into the stable, infinite, conscious core within, and uses this to help you heal and harmonize all parts of your personality. 


IFS moves beyond typical linear western thinking. It rather views the psyche as a dynamic system of interrelated “parts,” or sub-personalities. Each of these parts has a role to play within us - kind of like the emotions in the movie Inside Out!


It helps you live in a state of conscious awareness and drops you into an infinite wellspring of compassion for yourself and others. From this place, it helps you integrate and harmonize all the various parts of you that make you “you,” including the shadow parts of yourself.


IFS is not just a method for growth, it can also be thought of as a paradigm for living where we can embody Pierre Tielhard de Chardin’s notion that we are “spiritual beings having a human experience,” allowing space inside of us for both our spiritual core and the human parts of ourselves to exist simultaneously. 

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience." 

-Teilhard De Chardin

Theory of Parts Work

Being multi-faceted is a healthy part of being human. Our dynamic personalities are shaped as we move through the world and are influenced by it. This creates “parts” of us, or sub-personalities. These parts switch on and off throughout the day, and enable us to do things like be professional at work, social with our friends, and playful with children.

Parts Examples.png

Our inner systems are designed to function as symbiotic and harmonious ecosystems, with each part playing a vital role to keep the whole healthy. These parts form something like an internal “family,” which is where IFS gets its name.


However, very few of us experience this optimal balance all of the time. This is because life constantly tests us by its very nature. When this happens, we often pick up burdens that weigh us down in the form of beliefs, strong emotions, or wounds. When this happens, some parts of us carry the weight and pain of these burdens, and are stunted and locked away as a result. Meanwhile, other parts of us take on protective roles to help us avoid pain by either preventing or reacting to it. 


According to IFS, the key to transformation is tapping into your Core Self, the spiritually-connected center of you which is naturally curious, compassionate, and calm to help these parts of you relax, feel loved, and release the burdens they’ve been carrying around. This enables you to live a more integrated and harmonious life, with all parts of your system living in better balance and harmony.

Components of Your Inner System

The components of our inner selves fall into two main categories: parts and Core Self.


Core Self

Our core self is the compassionate, calm, curious core that resides within all of us. It has infinite potential for presence and healing. It is something that everyone has. It makes us feel more connected to ourselves, others, and the world around us. Some of us have a strong connection to it already, while others have caught mere glimmers of it so far in life. Regardless of where you are on your path, Core Self is something that can be easily accessed with help.

Qualities of Core Self.png


Our “parts” are any characteristic that is not “Core Self.” These parts comprise your personality, making you adventurous, introspective, ambitious, artistic, or social, for example. 


Our inner systems are designed to function well, like harmonious ecosystems where every part has a purpose that it carries out to the benefit of itself and the system as a whole. However, our systems can be thrown into disequilibrium when we encounter stress in our lives, or pick up limiting beliefs or burdens. In these moments, some of our “parts” suffer injury and become wounded or “exiled.” 


Meanwhile, other parts take on protective roles, becoming either proactive or reactive. An example of this would be someone who feels “not good enough” (a burdened part) because she never got the grades her older sister got. Therefore, she has a part that strives to be perfect to prevent this feeling (a proactive part), and another part that becomes angry or frustrated when she doesn’t meet her own expectations (a reactive part). 

How our systems cope with burdens.png
Balanced System.png
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