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About @innerworkgirl

Emma Donovan, MA, LPC helps curious and introspective spiritual seekers discover, love, heal, integrate, and self-actualize every part of who they are. She is the founder of both The Inner Work Hub, LLC, and Alternative Therapy STL, LLC. 


Emma's Offerings

INNER WORK 101: An online, self-paced course with videos, journaling exercises, mind maps, meditations, and a workbook (there is a free and paid version available. There is no catch or pressure to pay!) 

INNER WORK TALKS: an educational and experiential podcast for curious and introspective spiritual seekers wanting to go on a journey of self-discovery and transformation 

ALTERNATIVE THERAPY: Emma offers therapy services for those seeking to heal from mental health issues. This is for residents of Missouri and Illinois ONLY! I am not licensed in other states/countries!


If you're not struggling with your mental health and want help with your personal and spiritual growth, explore 1:1 guidance below

1:1 INNER WORK GUIDANCE: Sessions for those who want individualized guidance on their personal growth path 

INTERVIEWS: Learn more about Emma's work in her podcast guest interviews 

ABOUT: Learn more about Emma and her work with The Inner Work Hub

AUDIOBOOK: Access "Your Inner Hero's Journey" and learn how to meet your higher self, face your inner demons, and rescue your inner child

Gain Instant Access To The Inner Work Hub
Learn how to access the online learning platform, including the podcast, a free course, free meditations, and free worksheets!


“Emma was wonderful. She cultivated an environment that was so loving, open, and accepting, allowing us to share parts of us many of us haven’t shared with even the closest people in our lives. Throughout this process I became significantly closer to one of my best friends who was also enrolled, learned to trust myself, and learned to be more gentle in areas I wasn’t perfect in. Could not recommend more.”

—  L.M.

Emma's Training and Qualifications

Licensed Professional Counselor in Missouri and Illinois

Trained in Internal Family Systems (Levels 1, 2, and 3)

Certified TRE Provider

500-Hour Yoga Teacher Trained

Currently pursuing Advanced Studies in Applied Shamanism

Worked as a therapist and personal growth educator at a mindfulness-based healing center in Thailand for 18 months

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