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Free Meditations

Guided meditative journeys are a key part of having an inner work practice based on IFS or "Parts Work." That's why The Inner Work Hub offers a dozen meditations for free, which can be easily accessed by your smartphone or laptop. They are accessible within the online course portal.


Listening to Your Inner World: Learn how to enter your inner world and receive messages from within

Loving-Kindness Meditations for Parts of You: Send loving-kindness to all parts of you, even the ones that may seem difficult to love


Deep Breathing With the Ocean: Connect to your conscious and calm core essence to feel more grounded in your core self


Connecting to One Part of Yourself: Learn to connect deeply and have a dialogue with one part of yourself


Team Huddle: A quick practice you can do in the morning to check in with parts of your inner system


Balancing Yin and Yang: A brief practice to help you balance the "doing" and "being" sides of yourself


A Self-Love Practice: Practice receiving love to and from others and yourself to increase a sense of self-love

Some Meditations Include:

Image by Matt Gross


"I absolutely loved this meditation! This was a new and fun way for me to connect with different parts of myself."

—  Anonymous

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