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Connecting to your Higher Self Course

We each have a spark inside of us. 

The Inner Light. Buddha Nature. Core Self. True Self. The Soul. The Inner Flame. The Higher Self. 


Many names point to one thing - the indestructible core of our being that exists above, beyond, and alongside the emotions, thoughts, and behaviors we get stuck in every day. 


While so many people resonate with the idea of having an “inner spark,” so few people actually know how to connect with it. 


The good news is that your higher self is there with you - all along - whether you feel connected to it or not. 


And it is possible to tap into it, quickly, deeply, and without the need for advanced meditation practice, years of psychotherapy, or deep philosophical or spiritual teachings. 

And in this course, I show you how. 


Once you connect to your higher self, you will feel grounded. 


Deeply in tune with yourself. 


You will be magnetized by something bigger, galvanized by something higher, and led by something deeper. 


I’m Emma, the creator of this course. I'm a Holistic Healer, Depth Hypnosis Practitioner, Shamanic Counselor, Meditation Teacher, Therapist, Nutritionist, and Psychedelic Integrationist. I love to learn and I’m passionate about using what I know to help others. 


This course integrates wisdom from shamanism, hypnosis, energy medicine, meditation, internal family systems, and transpersonal psychology to help you tap into your higher self, empowering you with tools and meditations you can use again and again, even after the course is over. 


It will be available in spring or summer 2024. I will also be releasing a free higher self meditation as well. 

Join the interest list to receive  updates & a free higher self meditation

I'll let you know as soon as the course and the free meditation are available!

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