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Loving Every Part of Yourself:
An Audio Course

This audio course will help you learn to love yourself more deeply, profoundly, and automatically so you can feel more confident, emotionally balanced, and comfortable in your own skin.


Integrating together evidence-based psychology and ancient wisdom traditions such as Internal Family Systems, shamanism, Buddhist psychology, shadow work, and inner child work, this course will help you love every part of who you are, even if self-love has felt challenging before, for a very affordable price. 

Does This Sound Like You?

Do you try your best to appear confident, but deep down, feel unworthy? Do you struggle to feel at home in your own skin, or feel confident in who you are? Do you only love some parts of yourself, but struggle to deeply love all of you?


If so, then this course is for you. This course will teach you how to love every part of yourself so you can feel more confident, emotionally balanced, and comfortable in your own skin. 

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Course Benefits

Become less critical of yourself, and more self-accepting and self-loving

Befriend all parts of yourself, even the parts of you that feel like inner demons, and become your own best friend 

Become more comfortable in your own skin and feel freer to be authentically “you”

Get to know yourself more deeply than you ever have before, discovering why parts of you act and feel the way they do

Feel more confident in who you are


What You'll Get...


Learn how to navigate your inner world, find your inner loving potential, and identify different parts of yourself that need love 


Deeply feel and experience  self-love that you won't forget.  Some people even tell me they have a spiritual or mystical experience during these meditations


These exercises will help you integrate what you've learned and experienced into your life in an intentional way


A special place to write what you're learning and experiencing, so you can mindfully reflect, integrate, and track your progress

**Some of this material is only available in the second version. Compare options below

Course Modules

  • Understanding the many parts of you

  • Connecting to a compassionate guide

  • Connecting to your core self

  • Connecting to a part of you that is easy to love

  • Connecting to a part of you that you want to get to know better

  • Learning to love your "inner demons"

  • Befriending an inner demon part of you

  • Getting to know your inner child

  • Loving your inner child

  • Bringing Self-Love Into Your Daily Life

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"The Inner Work 101 course was a great way to get introduced to Inner Work. This provided the tools I needed to continue my inner work journey independently. The resources, meditations, and assignments helped me navigate through this experience in a way that I could not have done on my own. I highly recommend this course."

-Emily H., Inner Work 101 Course Participant

"Thank you so much Emma for creating this very helpful and well-paced course! <3 Really has impacted me to understand and process my experiences better! Will be visiting the sessions multiple times! Highly recommend!

-A., Loving Every Part of Yourself Course Student

“I loved this practice. Learned a lot from these parts who also melted, softened, relaxed when receiving this much needed deep love. Thank you! Namaste 🙏 💕

-S., Self-Love Meditator

"Great course. While I'm not new to IFS, inner child and shadow work, having opportunities to dive deeper and reinforce these practices is always valuable. And, pairing the facilitation and meditations with love and compassion is key - thank you for the whole package!

-K.G., Loving Every Part of Yourself Course Student

“I talked to a part of myself I’ve never really talked to before during this meditation. It was very touching, opening and grounding. Much love 💛”

-C., Self-Love Meditator

“Amazing! So incredibly powerful and cathartic. Thank you for this invaluable practice. Self-love is easiest to achieve if we allow and accept all parts of ourselves. 💗✨🌈 “

-P., Self-Love Meditator

About The Teacher

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Emma Donovan is a therapist and an Inner Work Educator and Guide. While she loves working one-on-one with clients, she is equally passionate about creating personal growth resources for people to use independently to help them get to know, love, integrate, and harmonize all parts of who they are. Self-love has been transformative in her own life, and she is excited to share the best practices she's learned with you.

Emma is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Level 3 Trained in IFS, a Certified Applied Shamanic Counselor, a Certified TRE Provider, a 500-hour trained yoga teacher, and has a certificate in Depth Hypnosis. She also worked as a therapist and personal growth educator for 1.5 years at a mindfulness-based healing center in Northern Thailand!

In her free time, she loves traveling the globe (she’s been to 32 countries!), riding her bike through the local park, crafting handmade jewelry and pottery, and venturing to local natural spaces in Missouri.


Purchasing Options

This course was originally developed for the Insight Timer meditation app, one of the world’s most popular meditation apps. Insight Timer set the price for this course for me, which is $20 on their app. Insight Timer uses most of this money for their own support staff, web support, and marketing efforts of their app as a whole, with less than half of the purchase cost going directly to me. I understand that this is what they need to do to support their platform.


However, I also need to support my own operating costs on my own platform. And when I consider how much time, energy, experience, and training I put into this course, the true value of it is at least 5-10x that. I went through 7 years of school, multiple advanced training programs, and honed the information in this course over years and thousands of meetings with real-life people. It also took a lot of time and energy to compile the material. Additionally, Insight Timer does not have the ability to provide you with a workbook or the standalone meditations, which I think are an important part of the course.

If you’d like to support me more directly, you can purchase the course directly from me, which will get you extra benefits. This way, most of the money will go directly to me to support my work. You'll also gain access to the workbook, bonus module, and separate recordings of the meditations, so you don't have to wade through the lesson content each time you go to listen to the meditations.  If you prefer to use the meditation app for your own reasons, that is completely understandable. You can access the course here (make sure to use desktop/your browser to purchase directly). If you'd like to support me more directly, access the course here

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